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Evolving Employees Monitoring

Free your organization from traditional compliance-based employee monitoring constraints and work together to improve performance.

Practical Steps to Sustain the Change

Rebuilding employee monitoring to be ethical by design is well worth the effort. Employee engagement, loyalty and productivity can all trend up.

Employee monitoring software is essential for an ethical and sustainable approach. Learn how workday data drives decision-making and collaboration.

Building Trust Through Productivity Analytics

Employee monitoring is overdue for a shake-up

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Time Doctor is ushering the old guard of employee monitoring out the door

Use employee monitoring software for good

When organizations are transparent about employee monitoring, revenue increases by as much as 7%. Monitoring is more than software. This guide to employee monitoring ethics introduces an improvement-inspired approach that excels where traditional surveillance models fail.

Put employee monitoring ethics into practice

We outline the steps to evolve employee monitoring, starting with clear communication and improvement-focused goals. 77% of US employees are fine with employee monitoring software if the company is upfront. It’s not whether you monitor that matters but how and why.

Develop collaboration growth strategies

Employees know that flexibility comes at a cost. In this era of distributed and asynchronous work, Time Doctor is helping companies implement remote employee monitoring solutions that bolster employee engagement, resulting in up to 18% higher productivity.

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Evolve your employee monitoring approach to improve performance across the board

Employee monitoring can be a powerful tool for engaging employees, increasing productivity, and boosting profits. But many organizations are realizing that their approach is rotten at the core. We’re ushering in a new employee monitoring paradigm based on ethics, empowerment, and agency, and the results speak for themselves.