69% of BPOs say they are struggling with employee-related challenges. Which are they finding most difficult, and what solutions are working for them?

Only 10% of BPOs say their staff still work full-time in the office. What challenges do they have that fully remote or hybrid operations don’t, and vice-versa?

The pandemic affected some countries much more than others. Which ones were most impacted at the time, which are still suffering, and which popular outsourcing destination coped remarkably better than anywhere else?

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A global survey into BPOs and productivity

How outsourcing providers around the world are managing productivity to improve client and employee retention, growth, and profitability.

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We surveyed BPOs in all fields, including contact center and customer experience, staff leasing, finance & accounting, IT & software, and many others. Collectively they employ over one million people.

Here are some of the headline findings of the survey:

Which puts us in a unique position to understand how they’re managing huge challenges like the shift to remote working, the tight job market, and clients that are asking them to both innovate and reduce costs at the same time.

In our exclusive survey, 80% of BPOs said their productivity suffered during the pandemic, and 90% say improving productivity is a major focus for them today. So, what are they doing about it?

If you run a BPO, this report will give you insight into how your peers and competitors are improving the productivity and accountability of all their teams, whether they work in the office, at home, or a hybrid of both.

The first post-Covid global survey of its kind shows that 90% of BPOs are focusing on productivity to meet their post-pandemic challenges

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