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Your 2024 HR Priorities

From tech-enabled transformation to productivity, purpose and profit in balance, we’ve outlined 9 priorities for a successful year.

Actionable HR insights

This guide goes beyond HR trends, equipping People and Culture leaders with resources to prepare for the new world of work.

Your role is evolving from process-driven HR to people-focused People and Culture. Get insight and examples to lead impactful change.

Enabling evolution

How will People and Culture lead step-change transformation in 2024?

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Whats in the guide

When everything is evolving, you need to stay ahead of the curve

HR isn’t transitioning. 
It’s transforming.

Whether you call it HR, People and Culture, or Employee Experience, industry leaders have a wide remit in a dynamic landscape. With 91% of leaders agreeing their roles have evolved in the last few years, we can expect more change to come. Defining your strategic vision will ensure you don’t lose sight of people, culture, and tech priorities in a period of change. 

Become a force for good 
in 2024

After a few rocky years, we’re seeing the effects of short-sighted, profit-driven decisions. Now is your chance to lead your organization back on the right track. With a systemic approach to diversity and inclusion, informed action on ESG initiatives, and a balance of productivity and purpose, you can be the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Employee engagement is 
the game changer

Workforce demands have changed. Everyone is feeling the burden of a world in flux, and it’s your job to ensure that doesn’t lead to burnout. And it’s never been more urgent, with 51% of managers feeling overwhelmed and 59% of employees disengaged. As the world of work continues evolving, People and Culture leaders must look after their best people.

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Unpacking 9 strategic priorities to make HR 
a force for good

Evolved HR leaders are purpose-driven. They’re informed by data and focused on employee well-being. They’re strategic, tech-savvy and ESG-minded. That’s a lot to juggle, which is why you need to set priorities now for success next year