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Get the data, insight and tools to lean into hybrid work in a way that works for everyone and improves productivity.

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We put best practices into action with a playbook to design, build, implement and adjust your RTO policy.

Our guide to balancing collaboration, 
data and experimentation helps you find an efficiency-boosting equilibrium.

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RTO in the hybrid age

Up to 90% of companies plan return-to-office policies for the next 12-24 months. Nearly the same - 78% - are leaning into hybrid work. Because here’s the thing: RTO policies and flexibility aren’t separate. They’re inseparable. Partial RTO is increasingly common and exceedingly effective.

Resolve the tension at work

Almost 60% of employees are unhappy about returning to the office, and between 20% and 31% are already scoping new jobs. Still, most people are happy to return part-time (and on their terms). Bring your best people back from the brink by collaborating on a policy that works for everyone.

RTO by the numbers

Three years on from the sudden shift to remote work, we’ve got plentiful data on why distributed organizations do better. If you’re planning to recall your people to the office, you need to know why, when and how. Our eBook lays out the practical framework for assessing and designing a data-driven policy.

Download  Navigating the new normal: Your guide to (re)building trust in hybrid work


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Companies are calling their people back. But employees don’t want to go at least not full-time. How can companies create a return-to-office (RTO) policy that works for everyone? 
Our new guide, Navigating the new normal: Your guide to (re)building trust in hybrid work, unpacks the strategies behind effective, employee-centric, and adaptable RTO policies. 

This isn’t another think piece. It’s a playbook.

Is your team ready to return to the office? 

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