Time Doctor for Offshore Teams

Real-time Workday Insights for Maximum Visibility

Gain deeper levels of visibility and insights into the daily activities of offshore teams with Time Doctor.

Main Challenges For Managing Offshore Teams

Lack of visibility

Lack of analytics and performance metrics

Employee and agent churn

Low employee engagement

Increase offshore productivity and be better by the second.

Get Accurate Productivity Analytics To Improve Performance

Time Doctor’s Workday Insights provide actionable data and clear direction on how to improve performance and increase productivity.

Increase organizational accountability with more visibility and measurable work insights.

Influence company wide decisions with data-driven insights on when and where teams are the most productive.

Uncover new cost saving opportunities through optimized resource management and workforce efficiency.

Identify top performers and their workflows to create accurate benchmarks and replicate behaviors across teams.  

Understand what tools and applications are most effective for specific job roles or teams to increase efficiency.

Utilize productivity data to allow more flexibility, leading to stronger workplace culture and higher employee engagement.

Real-time Dashboards for Instant Updates

Time Doctor dashboards provide instant insights into the activity of offshore teams, keeping leaders and employees informed and up to date.

Dashboard Insights: 

Attendance and hours worked

Active and inactive workers

Productivity breakdowns

Highest performers

Top used websites and apps

Top projects and tasks

Work-life balance concerns

Workforce activity summaries

Productivity Features and Analytics for Remote Teams

Time Doctor offers productivity features to ensure that offshore teams stay focused and on task when working from home or in-office.

Distraction & Reminder Alerts - Friendly pop-ups to refocus team members.

Website and App Monitoring - Identify the biggest distractions and time wasters.

Detailed Reporting - Receive automatic daily and weekly reports that contain key insights into overall productivity and project updates.

Optional Screenshots- Create accountability by recording activity only when team members are working.

Reduce Employee and Agent Churn

Increase offshore employee retention by using real-time data to identify and reward top performers, faster.

Quickly pinpoint top performers for recognition and reward to create a culture of positive reinforcement.

Monitor workloads and schedules to ensure good work-life balance and prevent employee burnout.

Track attendance and absences to help gauge employee engagement.

Offer more flexibility through increased visibility and accountability.

Reduce employee commute times, saving them money and time.

Improve Employee Wellness and Reduce Burnout

Quickly identify employees who are at the highest risk for burnout and where changes can be made to encourage more work-life balance and flexibility.

Identify who is being overworked and is at the highest risk for burnout.

Monitor daily timelines to track and encourage more breaks.

Quickly identify top performers for recognition and reward.

Establish benchmarks to create more attainable and accurate goals and KPIs.  

Easily review and compare workloads to ensure balance.

Monitor absenteeism for signs of disengagement or potential health issues.

Optimize schedules to allow employees to work when they are the most productive.

Check out how Time Doctor has helped these offshore teams

“We promote using Time Doctor because it sends the message that our offshore virtual healthcare assistants are performing their roles efficiently and optimizing their time.”

“Because of Time Doctor, we are giving up our commercial real estate and the associated expenses, saving tens of thousands per year.”

Rommel Ragasa

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Jim Garresttson 

Executive Mosaic

“We are keeping track of the quality of work happening all around the world  and also getting great feedback on how long certain tasks are taking, at scale. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Luke Sartain


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