Time Doctor for Remote Workforces

Improve remote workforce productivity and performance with Time Doctor’s Workday Insights and real-time analytics

Time Doctor was created more than 12 years ago by our founders out of their own need for an effective way to track and measure remote work productivity. We use our own product every day and continually develop solutions for companies to improve performance and get better each and every second.

Why Companies Choose A Remote Work Model

Increased performance and productivity

Cost saving opportunities

Improved employee wellness and engagement 

Attracts and retains top talent

Time Doctor Solutions for Increased Remote Work Productivity

Time Doctor Workday Insights

Gain visibility at the user, team, and department levels to quickly identify where resources and improvements are needed to increase efficiency and productivity.

Monitor overall productivity in real-time with our overview dashboards and automated analytic reports.

Establish benchmarks for process improvements by identifying high performers and how they work.

Stay up to date on high priority projects with real-time progress updates and accurate timeline forecasts.

Improve company time management and identify training opportunities with accurate performance metrics and deeper visibility.

Real time data at your fingertips

Time Doctor dashboards provide instant insights in one centralized place for maximum visibility. Access daily and monthly workday trends and over 5 analytic reports, to work together more efficiently and asynchronously.

Manager dashboards track:

Total hours worked per user

Productivity trends and breakdowns by day, week and month

Highest performers

Work-life balance issues

Top used websites and apps

Top projects by hours worked

Productivity Features and Analytics

Time Doctor offers productivity features to ensure that remote teams stay focused and on task.

Distraction & Reminder Alerts - Friendly pop-ups to refocus team members.

Website and App Monitoring - Know what sites are visited and see the total time spent in each tool.

Detailed Reporting - Receive automatic daily and weekly reports that contain key insights into overall productivity and project updates.

Optional Screenshots- Create accountability by recording activity only when team members are working.

Team member dashboards:

Total hours worked

Daily timeline overview

Productivity trends and breakdowns by day, week and month

Top used websites and apps

Top projects and tasks by hours worked

Total productive and unproductive time

Improve Employee Wellness and Reduce Burnout

Quickly identify employees who are at the highest risk for burnout and where changes can be made to encourage more work-life balance and flexibility.

Identify who is being overworked and is at the highest risk for burnout with our Work-life Balance widget.

Establish benchmarks to create more attainable and accurate goals and KPIs.

Quickly identify top performers for recognition and reward.

Track attendance and monitor absenteeism for signs of disengagement or potential health issues.

Easily review and compare workloads to ensure balance.

Monitor daily timelines to track and encourage more breaks.

Check out how Time Doctor has helped these remote teams

“Time Doctor is a great tool to help train and verify what can be improved in our day to day processes. We can understand what is easier and harder for employees to do, which you can’t get in-office.”

“It’s useful, especially with the work from home set up now. In the next couple of years as work from home becomes more prominent, companies are going to need to have an automated productivity management tool that they can rely on and get data to make their decisions.”

Johan Le Bail 

CEO, Eufonie

Jim Garresttson 

Executive Mosaic

Ready to maximize productivity for your remote teams?

Remote Work is the Future 

Less than


executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic

More than 


of remote workers would rather quit than go back to the office.


of companies plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the pandemic ends


of employees are more productive at home due to fewer distractions

Did you know?


of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time


of employees believe flexibility promotes work-life balance


the reduction in unscheduled absences when telework is an option


of employees would choose remote work over a pay raise

Find and Retain the Best Talent

Implementing Time Doctor allows remote and hybrid work to be a permanent option, leading to more flexibility.

Increase your talent pool from local to global searches.

Create more diverse teams by removing geographic boundaries.

Flexible work schedules increase engagement and retention.

Reduce employee commute times, saving them money and time.

Cut Company Costs

Implementing a remote work model, combined with Time Doctor’s Workday Insights, can help identify significant cost saving opportunities.

Save on real estate and office supply costs by removing the physical office.

Reduce costs associated with employee turnover including, separation, recruiting, customer churn, and corporate intelligence, by offering more flexibility to employees.

Monitor technology usage to eliminate unused or irrelevant software licenses.

Measure and analyze the productivity of employees to identify ways to improve processes and increase output.

How much can you save?


per employee per year- savings when remote work is offered full time


per employee per year- savings when remote work is allowed 2-3 days per week


per employee- cost of losing a valued employee


per employee per year- average real estate savings for companies with remote work options

“We are giving up our commercial real estate and the associated expense!”

Michael de Asa

Head-Senior Director of IT, Personiv


per employee per year- savings when remote work is offered full time

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