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AI-Powered Accountability

Harness AI to understand work patterns, fostering transparency and trust.

Proactive Management & Risk Mitigation

Stay one step ahead to tackle issues and mitigate risks.

Data-Backed Decision Making

Leverage accurate data to drive informed decisions and navigate conversations with confidence.

Cost-Saving Efficiency

Make the most of every dollar spent. Minimize inactive time and maximize efficiency.

Introducing Time Doctor’s
Unusual Activity Report

The only feature like it in the market

AI-powered insights

for full transparency and peace of mind

See More with AI-Driven Transparency

Gain a comprehensive overview of total unusual activity for each individual user. Identify potential issues swiftly with highlighted unusual patterns and atypical activity, ensuring transparent time tracking.

Pinpoint activity anomalies

Dive into the specifics with precise timestamps for instances of unusual activity. See the start and end times of unusual behavior, allowing you to correlate it with other factors and data to investigate further.

Unravel unusual behavior

Visualize and understand different types of unusual behavior for valuable insights into potential issues by examining various types of unusual behavior. Discover patterns such as high keystrokes, mouse movements without clicks, high mouse clicks, inconsistent mouse moves or keyboard strokes, and extended keyboard activity without mouse interaction.

Breakdown activity

Explore detailed data with a comprehensive table showcasing keyboard and mouse activity per second in 30-minute intervals. Leverage this granular breakdown of activity to make informed decisions and gain deeper insights into team productivity and engagement.

“The Unusual Activity Report, combined with metrics from other Time Doctor features, allowed us to spot unusual patterns and further investigate any discrepancies. It strengthened transparency and enabled us to address any potential issues proactively.”

Minerva Bernardo

Head of People Ops

NO BS Marketplace

“The Unusual Activity Report helps us detect potentially suspicious activities such as user behavior deemed out of the ordinary or beyond human ability. It is our trigger to dig deeper into issues and investigate when needed, allowing us to get more perspective and act accordingly on productivity issues.”

Andy Catayas

Human Resource Manager

Poplar Homes

See More with AI-Driven Transparency

Harness the power of AI and machine learning to uncover work patterns, detect anomalies swiftly, and amplify transparency, trust, and productivity like never before.

Get Peace of Mind with Productivity Analytics for Distributed Teams.

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